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How to avoid the embarrassment of riding helmets and hair problem?

If you ride a bike, you tend to put the hair dish up, because of your hair after riding off will look very uncomfortable, hem and sideburns are not very comfortable. Here, the wheel got a helmet hair solution. It does not cut short your hair.
For everyone, inevitably means that when riding by bike at the end of the hair will become a mess, especially in some metropolis, will make your hair look like to ride on block has just walked out of the shower - minus the fresh fragrance.

So what is the point of riding a bike ride?
First of all, if your hair is not too long, you can try to wear her hair in the helmet when riding. In this way, it won't stick in your neck, when you reach your destination, you can take it out of the helmet, similar to a street style, and tease your fingertips your scalp. This will help when you riding pad to the scalp to improve slightly.
This is another trick. Do you know your helmet behind the hole? So, sacred journey known as "helmet hair hole". If you have enough long hair, they suggest you weave it and pull it through the hole. This strategy will help to ensure that the location of the helmet is low enough (at the accident to protect the head). When you go to do you want to go to the place, you can even take out braids, slightly shaking your hair to get those waves at sixes and sevens. (in fact, even if just put your hair into a ponytail, can also help your hair better than wear under the helmet hair keep hair.)



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